Our strength is delivering the goods anytime and anywhere.

We have developed a national distribution network that ensures maximum coverage of the territory and the ability to deliver packages and pallets within 24 hours. We are offering small packages transportation as well as large volume cargo transportation with individual logistics solutions customized to the demands and needs of our customers. The emphasis of the service is on the quality and fast delivery, availability of information and the ability to track the shipments.

We are reliable web shop partner

Jetex delivery is leading package delivery service provider to the customer’s preferred address. We are flexible to the specific requirements of online sales, so we can deliver the goods in a fast and reliable way to the final buyer. JETEX delivery gives you an insight into the delivery process and shipping status at any time and guarantees the quality and speed of the process, by constantly improving our software support.

Delivery to certain buyers is specific and demands a different approach, because the recipients (for example, chain stores Drogerie Markt, Metro, Getro, Konzum, Plodine, Pevec, Kerum, Špar) have sophisticated, but not the same logistical processes, so that their suppliers, that is our clients, must have their own system (our system) adjusted to each one of them. The delivery deadline is usually 24 or 48 hours after the recipient’s order, and our WHS (Windows Home Server) systems manages everything, while being monitored by our distribution department. Transport units are usually pallets and packages, but it is possible to organize distribution involving any other form of transport packing.

We are proud to present Jetex Delivery – the brand of Integralog d.o.o. under which we provide unique services of emergency city delivery called “door to door” system.

Do you have the package or shipment which needs to be delivered on the opossite part of the town within 90 min? Here are some reasons why you should hire us…

  • Working hours – from 7:00 AM till 6:00PM
  • Weather proof – not even the bad weather can’t stop us
  • Accessibility – ordering  by phone, e-mail or online form
  • Speed – in practice, we are faster than our deadline in 98% cases


PRIVATE PERSONS – paying in cash when submitting the shipment. We issue a fiscal account.

BUSINESS ASSOCIATES –paying in cash when submitting the shipment. With the agreement on cooperation we offer a postpone payment up to 30 days and more favorable terms of payment.

JETEX CITY EMERGENCY DELIVERY – available only in Zagreb and its surroundings at the moment. Will be available soon in folowing cities: Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula and Osijek.

For more information visit our web site or you can contact us trough contact form. We will be happy to answer all of your inquiries as soon as possible.

  • Flexibility in demanding situations,
  • Professionally equipped, uniformed couriers with accreditation and our visual appearance.

For more information, visit our website or contact us by filling out the contact form.

We will gladly answer your inquiries as soon as possible.

Our Same Day Delivery service, novelty on Croatian market, is specially tailored to the needs of web shops and it is currently available only with us on Croatian market.

We practice online shopping, and we’ve  noticed one down side, you’ve probably noticed it too, so as everybody else, the time of delivery – usually from 2 to 5 days.

We believe that our Same Day Delivery service solution will give your online store a new dimension, as well as online store and offer in general, where the buyer for a small difference in price receives the purchased product “immediately” (or at least by the end of the same day). This practice has been established for some time in world metropolises (the city itself + the “Metropolitan Area”)!

What are the advantages?

Same day delivery – shipments taken from you before 4:00 PM will be delivered the same day by 8:00 PM

Feedback – you will receive system information about comleted delivery and, if necessary, we will provide the verified accompanying documentation the next working day.

Friendly staff – our couriers are experienced and proven professionals, who with their approach and proactivity give added value to the service itself.

Safety and quality – all our vehicles (scooters, smaller and larger delivery vehicles) are in top of the class, and meet all technical and legal requirements.

For more information about this service please contact us trough contact form.


For you we perform:

  • Special deliveries within 90 minutes.
  • Same-day deliveries
  • Conventional deliveries of packages and pallets within 24h, 48h, 72h, throughout Croatia.

You can rely on our distribution, we offer you all services at one place.



We are aware of the fact that we represent you at the address of the recipient of your shipment, and besides to the professionalism of couriers we also pay special attention to and invest in our rolling stock, which is on average 1.5 years old, and our couriers are professionally equipped and uniformed according to our visual identity.

For more information about this service please contact us trough contact form or e-mail