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SDD – Same Day Delivery – Jetex Express

Our Same Day Delivery service, novelty on Croatian market, is specially tailored to the needs of web shops and it is currently available only with us on Croatian market.

We practice online shopping, and we’ve  noticed one down side, you’ve probably noticed it too, so as everybody else, the time of delivery – usually from 2 to 5 days.

We believe that our Same Day Delivery service solution will give your online store a new dimension, as well as online store and offer in general, where the buyer for a small difference in price receives the purchased product “immediately” (or at least by the end of the same day). This practice has been established for some time in world metropolises (the city itself + the “Metropolitan Area”)!

What are the advantages?

Same day delivery – shipments taken from you before 4:00 PM will be delivered the same day by 8:00 PM

Feedback – you will receive system information about comleted delivery and, if necessary, we will provide the verified accompanying documentation the next working day.

Friendly staff – our couriers are experienced and proven professionals, who with their approach and proactivity give added value to the service itself.

Safety and quality – all our vehicles (scooters, smaller and larger delivery vehicles) are in top of the class, and meet all technical and legal requirements.

For more information about this service please contact us trough contact form.

Calling and informing the recipient by SMS (B2C and B2B).

Cash on delivery service.

The ability to connect the systems for automatic data exchange – new orders, shipment status, etc.

If we arrange the storing of the goods (at our warehouse) the orders for same-day delivery are accepted until 15h, according to delivery price at 10h, and a 15% discount is given on SDD service price list.
To see the price list, please contact us via e-mail or by filling out the contact form.


Same day delivery give a new dimension to your online sales and offer, but also to online sales and offer in general, by giving the buyer an option to receive the item immediately (or at least/at the latest the same day), which has been an established practice in global metropolises for some time (covering the city itself + the metropolitan area)!



We are aware of the fact that we represent you at the address of the recipient of your shipment, and besides to the professionalism of couriers we also pay special attention to and invest in our rolling stock, which is on average 1.5 years old, and our couriers are professionally equipped and uniformed according to our visual identity.

For more information about this service please contact us trough contact form or e-mail info@integralog.hr